Tune Hein has been among the top business speakers in Denmark since he launched the Learning Organization and other bestseller books. Later he was first to launch leadership execution and disruption in Denmark. Now he is introducing Future of Work.

He speaks about Disruption, Leadership and Future of Work – for executives, leaders, employees, talents – and also for educational organizations preparing the next generation for the future to come.

HeinDisruption: Makes you ready to embrace the digital future

You’ve probably heard of unicorn companies, exponential curves, singularity and why uber is the world’s largest taxi company without owning a car … There’s a lot of things you can put into disruption – but we want to make it understandable. Our mission is to make disruption tangible, so you can work with it. Because it is important.
Our point of view is not from the Silicon Valley – but from an established business. After all, that’s where most of us work … The good news are that in the jungle of buzzwords, there are actually patterns. And if you know them, you can much better prepare for the digital future, and exploit it to your benefit.

To understand disruption, you have to know the patterns behind. When the pieces fall into place you can work with it. Therefore we identify patterns and present them clearly. For example:

  • The technologies that cause disruption
  • Paradigm-shifts driving disruption
  • 6 new digital Business Models to choose from
  • The pattern for how a new player enters your market
  • Leadership challenges – a clear pattern for what mastering disruption will require of you
  • Innovation – Which processes work best for corporate innovation?
  • Strategy model for how to encounter disruption
  • Future of Work – clear images of how the new technologies fall into industries and jobs

These are important patterns to understand. We would like to share this knowledge with you.

Our key note presentations

What drives Disruption?

Disruption is a broad term and widely used in many occasions. Disruption is when a company challenges existing business models through radical innovation – something everybody must consider. Tune Hein will guide the way through the maze of disruption variables, pointing out patterns in the wave of new business models, innovations and entrepreneurship threatening most industries. We all know the stories of Airbnb, Apple and Tesla who disrupted their respective industries. BUT it will happen to your organization too and it is happening now!

  • What can we do to be ready for disruption?
  • What are the must-win-battles to survive the disruption you might face tomorrow?
  • Why is digitalization happening just now?
  • What can we learn from the industries that were hit first?
  • And why is all of this far bigger and more important than digitalization five years ago?

This is an inspiring and informative keynote speak, that will serve as a wakeup call for both management and employees, enabling you to face the challenge.

Disrupt or Die – for leaders

The digital transformation causes new challenges for all leaders and organizations. Jim Snabe (formerly CEO of SAP) states that any company risk getting its core business disrupted within just 3-5 years. This is the scenario that we all must face and relate to. How robust are we if it happens? What scenarios could potentially happen? What technologies will impact our industry? What new business models will emerge? What paradigm shift? What convergence? These are the patterns and opportunities we address, so you and your company can see the scenarios you may need to prepare for. Based on the bestselling book “Disrupt or Die”.

This is a subject that challenges our leadership thinking as well as offering thoughts on the future. Change will never be this slow again – there will be a lot to think about. You will learn what kind of world to expect and how to lead, what will change radically and what remains – and you will get lots of examples of where the future has already begun and how to prepare yourself for it.

Future of Work

Our newest book is called “Disrupt Yourself” It highlights how disruption and digitization will affect workplaces and individual jobs. We all know that 3D print and artificial intelligence are coming – but what does it mean for your job? And everyone else’s? What does digitization mean for the entire labour market? And for the working environment? And for motivation? And the coming generations?
And hence for leadership…
This speak will show you what future workplace to prepare for.

Leadership and execution

Leadership with a Nordic touch as inspiration. And how to shift the focus from debates and planning to execution. What are the secrets behind the organizations which can fully execute their strategies?


Tune has worked as a strategic leadership advisor within

  • Leadership development
  • Change Management and culture development
  • Mergers
  • Organization Design and Development
  • Strategic sparring and coaching
  • Being a leader himself since 1990, and later partner and Board Chairman

American Express, Danske Bank, Danish Courts, Dong, Hasbro, IBM, Microsoft, IBM, Nestlé, Nordea, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and Tryg have been among the customers.

He has given international presentations to WHO, American Express, NovoNordisk, Nordea, Dako, Accenture, Right Management and many others. Tune has worked globally for Accenture and Right, last posted to Australia-Asia. Besides the corporate world Tune works with entrepreneurs and startups in Copenhagen.

Professional background

2017​ – Founder HeinDisruption
2007​ – Founder of Hein & Partnere
2006 – ​Rights global expert in Change Management and Strategy Execution
2004​ – Right Management Asia – Australia
2002 – ​Member of Presidents Advisory Counsil in global Right Management Consulting
2000 -​ Chairman at Express
1997 – ​Partner in Right Kjaer & Kjerulf – after the merge with own company
1996​ – Founder of Organization & Business Development
1988​ – Andersen Consulting (Accenture), Nordic responsibility for change and healthcare


  • IMD 1998, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010
  • Accenture (change management, systems integration, manager)
  • Biotech engineering at DTU. Business at Copenhagen Business School.

Tune has written 9 books on leadership, change and organizational design, latest on Digital Disruption, Future of Work and Execution in Leadership & Organization. He is expert commentator in many medias. Privately, he has two teenagers, enjoys spinning and traveling in Asia or writing in his beach house.

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